If the Northern lights could sing!

March 10, 2012

by Karen Keeley

This is an article on the cultural galas held over the AWGs

Man has been captivated by the Northern Lights for millennia and never more so than during the gala cultural festival held at the Yukon Arts Centre. Crowds thrilled to the amazing young voices and talented performers that hailed the Northern Lights as a thing alive!

The special two-night event, presented by the Atco Group brought these gifted performers together under the direction of Alejandro Ronceria, Artistic Director.

“Borealis” – Cultures Around the Arctic Circle, gave those in attendance their first magical experience where we shared the common thread of adaptability and respect for the land.

Through music, stories and dance, the Northern Lights sang for all of us while the magic unfolded.

In Alejandro Ronceria’s words: “Often the aurora borealis was a sign of change in many traditions. The vibrant artistic expressions tonight, bridge a rich heritage with an exciting glimpse of the future and its possibilities.”

Yukon’s Diyet, Alaska’s Nunagiaq Dancers, Yamalo-Nenets’ Vy’Sey “The Soul of the Tundra”, Sápmi Region’s Risten-Márja Inga and Mikkel Rasmus Ligje, Nunavut’s Sylvia Cloutier, Greenland’s Ka-La-Schlit Krew, Yukon’s Leaping Feats Dancers and Northern Lights School of Dance troupe, Nunavut’s Inuksuk Drum Dancers, Nunavik/N. Québec’s Akulivik, Salluit, Quaqtaq, Kuujjuaq performers, Northwest Territories Leela Gilday and the Aklavik Jiggers, and N. Alberta’s Generation Dance Studio wowed the crowds with their creative expression, expansive voices, humour, ingenuity, and just plain exceptional talent oozing onto the stage.

The visual images by Robert Postma and Yasushi Tanikado gave a special ambiance to the Northern Lights theme. To the sounds of drumming, singing and dancing, we truly felt connected to the land we love—the circumpolar north!

A big shout out to these amazing performers who graciously shared their love of music, dance and song with us. Today’s circumpolar north is a magical land. Through these gifted entertainers, we came away knowing we have a future to look forward to where they will one day rule the world. Through them, we collectively felt the magic of the Northern Lights in song for all to enjoy.

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